Suzuki Designs Spring 2019


  All of my silk pieces are hand-dyed with the batik process. Areas of the cloth are impregnated with wax to form a design, the unwaxed parts accepting the dye, the waxed resisting it. I repeat this process as many times as is necessary to get the desired colours and pattern for each dress length or scarf. The wax is removed from the silk which is then washed and pressed, preparing it to begin assembling the garment.
  On occasion, I will cut the garment pieces before beginning the batik process, which allows me to to place the designs precisely where I want them to appear on the body. This is an important aspect of my work as commercial fabrics cannot be so directly manipulated for design effect. I also do some all over patterns focusing on bright and moving colours, again achieving colour sequences which cannot be duplicated commercially because of the dye technique.
  I have used my craft and design skills to create garments, which make the wearer, feel special while being comfortable. My batik pieces include scarves, belts, jewelry, suits, dresses, jackets, etc. They are all one of a kind items, and are all designed and produced by myself.

Ann Suzuki