Creating the Design


  Batik, in Javanese means "To Dot". Basically there are two kinds of batik; Batik Tulis (hand drawn) and Batik Cap (stamped). The price of batik tulis is much more expensive than batik cap.

  A brush or canting (a pen like instrument with a small reservoir of liquid wax) is used to apply the design to the silk material. The tracing of the desired design on to the prepared silk is the first stage of making followed by the technique of applying wax and dye substances. This process of repeatedly waxing and dyeing is the batik process.

  The wax used in batik process is a combined product of paraffin, bees-wax and plant resins.

  Batik cap, which is also using the waxing process, its process of course faster and easier. But people appreciation of batik tulis is higher, it is really a work of an artist not only a craftsman.

  It combines the expertise, patience, deep feeling to produce the finest product, and it may take days, weeks and even months to make a batik tulis