My artistic focus for the past thirty-five years has been on colour and design as it relates to textiles. I work with the ancient technique of BATIK , using Silk, wax and dyes to create unique colour combinations and intricate patterns. I hand select my silks, which are mostly from India, China and Japan. Silk responds so well to the BATIK process, taking the dyes in a very intense way, colour over colour mixing and blending until the BATIK is completed.

  The design and creation of "One of a Kind" garments is the next stage of my work. Each BATIK seems to lead me towards a garment design….. jackets, coats, suits, gossamer evening tops , funky hats and Winter Silk scarves. My pieces attract people for many different reasons, which I enjoy.

  The Originals Spring Craft Show in Ottawa is the beginning of my year and the first showing of the new material and designs that I have been working on throughout the winter. The new haut couture ensembles for 2006 are now posted.


 Ann Suzuki
1304 Lakewood Drive
Sudbury, Ontario
P3E 6H9